Monday, November 21, 2005

Winning - Jack Welch

I definitely want to be Jack Welch when I grow up. If I had any plans to grow up. I'm still considering my careers options - dancing pirate or possibly talk show host. Still, Jack has a way of cutting to the essential truths about running a business. Especially a large, complex, multi-national business. But large or small, there are some very basic truths about what it takes to successfully lead a company. His chapter on Mergers & Acquisitions I found particularly interesting since this is an issue my company has dealt with over three decades. What I walked away with, that I think about on a daily basis , is that issues have to be dealt with - decisively. Problems don't solve themselves and they don't improve by being ignored or put off. I try to face into the wind with more resolve when dealing with problems. This book made be feel more capable of doing a better job.

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